Natural Relaxing & Beauty Treatments

Relaxing Treatment

45 min (60€) 1h (80€) 1h30 (115€) 2h (150€)

This full-body massage is soothing and relaxing with an emphasis on stress and tension relief.


2 massages 1h : valid 15 days (150€)*

4 massages 1h : valid for 1 month (260€)*

6 massages 1h : valid for 3 months (360€)*

Foot Reflexology

45 min (60€) 1h (80€)

Foot reflexology is a foot massage that uses both relaxing and manual acupressure techniques.

This massage relieves the body through the feet and improves blood circulation.

This session will not only help relieve aches and pains in your feet, but will leave you feeling completely relaxed and free of muscular and nervous tension or stress.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Massage

1h (85€) 1h30 (120€)

Starting with a gentle facial treatment and head massage, this treatment is performed using Tibetan Bowls and ends with a hand or foot massage.

Tibetan Bowls and ends with a hand or foot massage. The chants and vibrations of the Bowls will travel through your body. This esoteric experience will produce profound relaxation and bring you into a state of meditation.


Natural treatments

Glowing & Hydrating face care

1h (85€)

It is a facial treatment made from our local biodiversity : coconut, avocado, cucumber or lime.

It comes with a relaxing facial massage and helps to moisturize your skin, restore radiance, vitality and mostly clear your head.

Please call 24 hours in advance

Scrubbing & massage

1h (85€)

This coconut-based exfoliation is completely natural and followed by a moisturizing and relaxing massage. This treatment restores radiance, softness, moisturizes and nourishes your skin of your body and will leave you fully relaxed.


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